WH*T !F is a Hard-Rock band of five from Eindhoven (NL). They are known for their energetic

chemistry with which they complete each others music. Since 2022 they have been working

hard on their own music in which you can hear influences of diffrerent rock-artists. WH*T !F's

first EP 'Turn On' released in Januari of 2024.

What have we done already?

The band has already created 15 original songs, which they frequently played live since 2022.

They have had gigs at places such as Altstadt and Eurosjopper. In the run-up to the recording

of their first EP, which the band started a crowdfunding for in November of 2022 and began

recording in April of 2023. The first singles are being put on streaming services such as

Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. Their first EP .

What are the main goals for the upcoming years?

What If are hoping to break through with their debut EP, as far as it stands, people are

receiving the first singles really well. The goal at the moment is to play as much shows as

possible and write new material to hopefully put out in a couple of years.


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