Kong Foo

hot funk and sexy grooves


From the early days of this brandnew band until the latest shows

this band is ‘On Fire’! Based on their southern mix of hot funk

and sexy grooves, these guys sure know how to get the party started.

The raw ‘voice of the band’ is full of emotion and pain as the songs often

tell a sad story. Some of them true to daily live.

The riffs of the guitar are soulfull but can be screaming aswell, with a very

open ‘Fender’ sound.

The Hammond and Rhodes are very vintage but funky as hell.

They truly fill up the gap between the rhythm section and the lead guitar.

The bass and drums are tight and very groovy. With a lot of ‘Slap’ bassguitar

and ‘Ghost-notes’ on the drums.

This 4 piece band is ready to conquer. With their melodic funky songs they can play

from small clubs to a big stage on a festival. Acoustic or full blown electric.

With a very tastefull stage performance and a charming outfit the band is

about to happen.

This band is ‘Electrified’. This is Kong Foo! Pleased to meet you..


Veli - Guitar, Leadzang

Jeroen Habraken - Rhodes / Hammond

Roland Dijkink - Bass-guitar

Robert Dortmans - Drums





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